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Crypto Lab Founder: Tristan Alexander

Tristan is a Bitcoin educator and the founder of CryptoLab. After discovering the power of digital assets back in 2016, Tristan became an immensely successful investor in the space. By using a set of simple but highly effective investing and trading strategies he  was able to create life changing wealth for both himself and his family. Now, his goal is to create life changing wealth for many more individuals by sharing his experience gained over the past four years.

- Tristan Alexander

Crypto Lab Co-Founder: Kareem Christmas

Kareem has a background in physics and mathematics from Texas Lutheran University. He runs the Innovative Investor YouTube channel which focuses mainly on stock market investing and other disruptive investments. 

Kareem, like many others, was first awakened to crypto during the 2017-2018 bull market when the price of Bitcoin hit $20k. With his background in investing, he first thought of Bitcoin as just another speculative investment. However, after speaking with individuals like Tristan and doing some of his own research, he realized that “Bitcoin, and all of crypto for that matter, is more than just making a speculative investment. It's being an early adopter of new technologies that will soon revolutionize the world.” 

Currently, Kareem is part of the brains behind CryptoLab. He incorporates his expertise on traditional financial markets as well as macro trends in his research for our team.

- Kareem Christmas

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  • What Is Bitcoin ?
  • ​How Can I Buy Bitcoin ?
  • How To Store Bitcoin ?
  • How To Sell Bitcoin ?
  • How Do Bitcoin Transactions Work ?
  • How Does Bitcoin Mining Work ?
  •  ​What Is The Bitcoin Lighting Network ?
  • ​Can Bitcoin Scale ?
  • ​What Are Bitcoin Minning Pools ?
  • ​What Can You Buy With Bitcoin ?
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Frequently Asked Questions

How much money should I start with ?
We always say only invest what your willing to lose. Never bet the farm!
How long is the course?
The Bitcoin Fundamentals course is two and half hours long of video content plus quizzes. 
When does my membership expire ?
Never - You Receive Lifetime Access and Updates! If you become a Private Member it only expires upon cancellation of your membership.
How do I convert my Bitcoin into fiat ?
The process is simple there are ton of exchanges out there who provide this service. We have a bunch of recommended exchanges (i.e. Coinbase)
What's the difference between FOREX and Cryptocurrency ?
FOREX strictly deals with the trading of fiat currency dollars, euros, pounds, yen, etc.... Cryptocurrencies are digital assets that are backed by cryptographic code hence the name cryptocurrency.
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If Crypto Lab doesn't deliver on the "PERKS" as seen on the checkout page you have a thirty (30) day money back guarantee.
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